Food Trucks!

The first time I bought from a food truck was during my last trip to Washington DC in 2015. This one is closer to home (walking distance actually), though I ended up having tried another two between having these and writing it.

I was a very reluctant sunbather that day. I really found it too hot to enjoy lining up at the food trucks. I ended up going for one place that looked good that didn’t have a line. A line is never a good measure of great food for me. It just means slow service.

Long line and wait

So I grabbed myself a Korean pork burrito while Matt lined up for this Cajun place. We ordered some jambalaya, and shrimp pull boy.

From where I ordered. Just too hot that day

The food was okay. There were only a few food trucks that caught my interest, and the heat was getting to me more than anything else. I wish that we also tried the grilled cheese truck. Next time. ūüôā



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