Peruvian Fish with Mango Salsa

I was lacking ideas and actually asked Matt to randomly point to our world map on the wall for some basis of our food that night. He got Argentina, but told me he was aiming for Peru. I did look up Argentinian food first, but since we do not have beef, or meat, it was frustrating to even find a good seafood (which we had) recipe to work with.

IMG_20170609_165715I ended up going for Peru instead, and saw random recipes that I wanted to try. I didn’t follow any specific recipe, but always went more with to taste. And I ended up almost with a sweet-sour type of sauce. It was simple enough to make, but the flavors were more unusual than I am used to, and wouldn’t really crave for. But it was good. Nothing crazy to add in my regular dishes, but works every  now and then.


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