Chocolate Concorde Cake

A concorde cake is a cake that is basically alternating layers of meringue and chocolate mousse. The flavors are deep. The layers of soft chocolate, and crunchy chocolate. Hmmm. I do hate those concorde cakes that use sponges in the middle as a filler though. Nope. I do not like that.

I never attempted this before in Manila though because it was too fussy, and I know where to buy it. But here in Illinois, I have googled this but cannot find where to find it. Also, I have enough crazy time in mu hands to try making it.

IMG_20170524_140436This would qualify as a good disaster. The meringue didn’t come out as I have planned, it came out flat and almost like sticks. But the flavors of this cake was wonderful, very rich and very satisfying to be honest. The pictures only came out nice in the top view though. The sliced pictures came out horrible. But no worries, we finished it all 😀 They were that good, not quite a looker though 🙂



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