Chia Seed Pudding

So how many times have I read about the health benefits of chia seeds. But they are crazy expensive. Here, they are surprisingly found in Aldi too! But this one, I bought in Jewel since it was in the small box form that I do, with no packaging whatsoever.

Chia seeds, now in my famous mug!

I decided to make this into a chocolate pudding because that’s what I have heard about this thing, it jellies when wet and makes a great pudding!

I mixed in about 1/3 cup of chia seeds, about 1 cup of almond milk, plus chocolate syrup, and left it in the fridge. The next day, my attempts to eat it was disappointing. A lot of the chia seeds settled at the bottom forming gelatinous clumps. A lot of the liquid was still liquid. So instead of eating it, I mashed up the clumps and let it sit again for a few hours.

Still lumpy, but better

After that, it was looking good! The chia seeds felt like they were small crunchy tapioca which was great! But I don’t think a pudding will be my next consuming option. I think adding it to lemonade, making it almost like nata (coconut jelly) will be a better option!


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