Quick Eats: Blue Max Coffee, Forest Park

I do not remember why we ended up coming here for lunch. Maybe Matt was just in a treating mood. But he does spoil the hell out of me.

Matt’s food

This was a place we would frequently pass by. For that weekend, the place was quite full, and people were waiting in line to be seated. It seemed to be a regular house turned into a restaurant (my dream, actually, but into a diner more than a resto.) They specialize mostly in coffee, but they have a lot of good food too. I think breakfast here would have been more appropriate.

My soup,with a side of corn muffin

I wasn’t too hungry, so I ordered some soup, while Matt had a club sandwich. To be honest, the soup was just okay, and even Matt’s sandwich was okay for me. If there weren’t any ham in there, it would have been a regular one. I do like the place. Maybe it’s better for me for breakfast. (But then breakfasts are hard for me to mess up.) So next time, maybe I will try their specials and get a mocha drink 🙂


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