Instant Ramen at Home

When you crave for Ramen and the husband says we are staying at home. I do like saving and really don’t mind not eating out. But our last attempt at ramen was nothing more than noodles in broth. It wasn’t ramen. So I am actually still craving for some right now! We only had regular instant ramen at home, and I decided to make it better by changing things up with it.

The jillion of ingredients

Basically, I added about a jillion other ingredients to it. Then, I remade the broth. Assembled it prettily, and I had a decent ramen for two people. But of course it was more complicated than that. But it was worth it!

IMG_20170513_124707Turning Instant Ramen to An Almost Fancy Ramen Recipe

1 packet of instant ramen (serves two based on the label)

For the broth
2 skinless chicken thighs
extra chicken bones in the freezer
4 cups of chicken broth
pinch, or more if needed
5 cloves of garlic minced
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
1/2 of an onion, minced
thumb of ginger, grated

Put everything in a pot and let this boil, then down to simmer, for 30 minutes. You need the chicken thighs fully cooked. Remove chicken thighs from pot, cool and flake. Set aside. Remove bones in the pot too.

IMG_20170513_125127Ramen Toppings
red radish, sliced
carrots, sliced
sweet peas
corn, shredded

In the same pot, boil by batch the vegetables you need to cook. (I boiled the carrots, peas (from the freezer), but corn was already cooked, and radishes were kept raw.)) Set aside.

In the same pot, cook the ramen noodles as instructed, but shy of being fully cooked. Removed from pot and place in bowl. Top the ramen noodles with the toppings. Set aside until ready to eat.

Season the broth as how you like it. You may add sriracha, more soy sauce or salt, sesame oil, etc.


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