Mug Lava Cake

There are times when you don’t have the patience to actually make a whole cake. Or even just to go out and buy a slice (nah). I was feeling like that one of those days and ended up googling mug lava cake. IN MY DEFENSE, it didn’t say how big a mug I should be using, or bowl at that. So I grabbed a mug. I mixed everything together as the googled recipe says: chocolate chip, oil, flour, cocoa powder, sugar, etc. Followed the instructions as well. And ta-dah! It did look like lava.

Looks good! Doesn’t it?

I was just so happy it didn’t mess up the microwave (explode, or leak on the turning table thing) that I was happy to gobble up my messy delicious cake. The taste is alright. It was worth it not going out, or taking more than 2 minutes to make one. I would actually do this again. 🙂


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