Quick Eats: Lawrence’s Fish and Shrimp, Chicago

IMG_20170428_212300I was in a horrible mood and was trying to cheer up so we ended up going for a drive. Just to see. We were actually lost at this point, but we were still going around, when Matt suddenly spotted this. He pulled up and it did look promising. A 24-hour joint of fried food, SEAFOOD! How can you go wring with that.

I do like fried fish and shrimp. But you know what else I like? Fried oysters! And they have it. I skipped the fish and shrimp and ordered oysters, while Matt ordered the shrimp. You wait until your number is called because they fry everything fresh to order. You get serve the food in a horribly unphotogenic brown bags, both for take out and to-go, so picture are horrible.

Brown bags. The other one was mushroom, a fried side.

But the oysters!!! YUMMY. This is on the top of my list of places to bring mom for oysters. Of course, not everybody likes oysters. Matt found it very fishy, well, I did say that was the oyster flavor really. But the shrimp was good too, except that I like oysters waaaaay more. The sauces come in three kinds, ketchup, hot sauce, and cocktail sauce. My favorite is a combination of the ketchup and hot sauce! Will come back here for sure. OYSTEEEERRRSSSS.


Lawrence’s Fish and Shrimp
2120 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60616


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