Homemade Deep Dish Pizza (Cake)


Matt and I were talking, how we are going to save money, and we decided to just have a few things that we shall choose to eat when we eat out. Basically, things that I cannot make or have at home. No reason to have pasta outside when I do magnificent pasta dishes (yes, magnificent), nor roasted chicken, etc. The two things we ended up choosing, one for each of us, is pizza and fried chicken. I can make a decent pizza, but its still different. Fried chicken, nope. I don’t want to bother with the oil when I can get a piece for a dollar.


I still try anyway. Like this one pizza. I decided to try making a deep dish pizza at home. I have tried before in Manila, but it never came out that great. This is way better (maybe because I have eaten enough deep dish pizzas to know what I am doing). But it became more of a cake. I used the small cast iron skillet we have so the portions are smaller. But I prepared too much filling. Hence the extended dough that go upwards. Hence, pizza cake. 🙂

Damn good!

Though it looks pretty good, this was wetter than I wanted. Everything was precooked before I layered it in. but the sauce may need to be even drier. But it is a learning curve. The next one will be better! But Matt heartily approved!

Homemade Deep Dish Pizza (Cake) Recipe

Crust, I followed this recipe


cooked pork sausage, about 2 links
cup of homemade tomato sauce/sofrito (tomatoes cooked in onion, garlic, basil, oregano), and make it dry
sauteed mushrooms
cup of cheese
and whatever else you like

Layer the contents based on the ingredient list. You may also opt to save some of the sauce on top of the cheese. Bake for 40 minutes in 375 degree oven.


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