Old-fashioned Candy

Matt and I were in Navy Pier a few weeks ago and went in a candy store inside. Though of course there were your basic candies, I spied some old-fashioned candies that I wanted to try. These are the things that I saw on Unwrapped when I learned of the show. Also, these aren’t available in your corner CVS or Walmart. These are what people grew up eating šŸ™‚

Only 4, because these are expensive!

So I grabbed these and here are some of reviews:

I am partial to marshmallows and ended up loving valomilk. There was another one that looked the same, so maybe I will try that next time.

Carlston Chew is like a chewier Tootsie Roll. Reminded me of Tubby candy in the Philippines. I like it, but I wish it came in smaller packs. Single serve maybe. Or single chew. Because it is hard to stop at one bite!

Skybar maybe the one I like the least. Because it wasn’t anything that reminds me of old-fashioned candy. It wasn’t bad. But it didn’t feel old too.

Mary Jane reminds of a Philippine delicacy called bukayo, but in candy form. So yes, I did like it. It just wasn’t what I expected it to be so it was a bit of a surprise. But yes to molasses!

I only got 4 because these cost around 2 to 3 dollars each! What do you recommend I get next time?




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