Quick Eats: Gino’s East, Chicago

Happy June! It was past 2 pm and going around the huge expo, we ended up feeling way too hungry. Besides, we only had some ice cream and soda for lunch. We were planning I think to go to the one near our hotel, but we ended up in a different one. A far one, but allowed us to go walk around the river and back to our hotel 🙂

Our salad

We were famished and we ordered a salad with everything on it, plus a deep dish pizza, and a beer and a cider. The salad was good and we ended up wolfing it down. I requested for it because I knew that eating the pizza first will leave us with super heavy stomachs (eating a lot because we were THAT hungry). With a little bit of something inside us, we waited for the pizza. But it took so long. So long I was about ready to complain. No wonder here is a line of customers outside the resto (near our hotel), the pizza took about an hour almost I think. Not a good idea for quick bite for hungry customers.

Spicy pizza

The pizza finally came and it was goooood. But with any deep dish, I can only eat one pizza and I will be good, and no matter how good it is, one is enough. 🙂 Try this place at an off hour, middle of the afternoon most likely 🙂

Gino’s East
Numerous locations 🙂


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