Quick Eats: Yolk, Chicago

IMG_20170422_085229Matt was suggesting doughnuts for breakfast, and I tell him, am not really a doughnut for breakfast person. Sure, bread. Sure, I like sweets. But doughnuts for breakfast is like giving me a candy bar for breakfast. I mean, I don’t mind eating it. But it’s not real food. (We eventually ventured to Do-Rite the next day for breakfast, but we had sandwiches with our doughnuts.)

Matt’s plate

There was a line, but things were moving quickly enough, and we were early for the expo anyway so we had time to kill. We were finally sat down and I ordered a corned beef hash plate, while Matt ordered eggs benedict with chorizo, english muffin, and fruits. We were both served with humongous platters that we weren’t able to finish it all. We did bring the fruits in a takeaway container. 🙂

My food

The food was fabulous. I love it. I love the buzz in the air on that Saturday morning, as well as the continuous energy that everybody had. Well, it is the city, and it feels like everyday people are buzzing with caffeine there 🙂

I enjoyed this restaurant. But the food is basic breakfast, something I know I can do at home. But it’s always fun to eat out anyways. 🙂

1120 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605


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