Quick Eats: Cafecito, Chicago

We were invited by friends to stay in the city for a weekend during the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo end of April. We agreed, and of course ended up eating out a lot during this time. And this truly became one of the spots I like downtown, Cafecito.

The dinner place was decided on by proximity. Only a place that we can walk to. The cuban sandwiches looked promising so we went there.

They have platters that looked really good, and all were served with rice! My kind of thing! I ordered some steak slices, while Matt had the cuban sandwich, and Becca, our hotel host, ordered a jerk chicken. It was served quickly enough, but we were also really hungry that it felt quite a while.

IMG_20170421_204913My plate looked humongous that I knew I was going to make Matt have some. Both their sandwiches look substantial too. I tried Matt’s and it was amazing! Though I did like mine better, and maybe it was because it was steak and rice. 🙂


We also tried their desserts. Matt and I shared a guava cheesecake, with the guava just like a jam on top. I wanted more of it, but it was good the way they made it. Becca had ordered a key lime pie that really zinged with the sourness, it was good too.


I really like the over-all vibe of this place. The food was good, the owners/managers were there on hand talking to the customers the whole night. It was a nice way to spend Friday night.

26 E Congress Pkwy #1, Chicago, IL 60605


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