Sushi Night

When Matt makes a request for a dish, I do my best to give it to him. I have done lasagna, mac and cheese, and sourdough bread, to name a few (more to come). This was one of his. So when we went to Seafood City the last time, I grabbed some nori, a sushi mat, crab sticks, to make some sushi rice (next time I will buy fresh seafood too). I first cooked the rice, and let it cool with a mix of sugar, vinegar and salt. Then I prepared some Japanese omelette (cooked thin and rolled, seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and water), as well as chicken teriyaki. I needed variety in my sushi plate.


I then started assembling them when Matt called me that he was on his way home. I am still horrible at rolling, I never figured out how to roll it tightly. One thing I figured though was how thin the rice should be, based on my preference 🙂

Everything was good, and we actually finished all 4 whole pieces. 🙂


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