Sourdough Bread

Matt’s favorite bread is sourdough. Me, I am happy with pan de sal. But one thing I really enjoy doing is baking bread. Well, I enjoy cooking, so that has that part. But also the rising, kneading, and having a live pet sourdough starter is fun. I tried making my own sourdough starter, and it started to smell like baby vomit (which is normal in the beginning they say), then, in an attempt to warm it up to speed it up (I was on day two), I  place it on top of the oven toaster and ACCIDENTALLY cooked my sourdough starter. I was tempted to start another one from scratch, but we also ventured around the area. The lady in Whole Foods baking area sold us some of their starter for free! Woohooo! I am set.

One in a loaf pan, one free form

I had to make my leavening agent, which is basically adding more flour and water to some of the starter, and letting it rise overnight. Then I added all the following ingredients the day after and followed it. This was a fussy recipe, involved baskets, towels or colanders, and generally tedious. By the writing of the post (maybe a month after baking the first bread – May 3), I have made another simpler one, which I like more. (Most probably another one by the posting of this blog – May 24.)

very hard to slice

Well, I think it also helped that I was feeling more comfortable with handling dough as days go on (also building more muscles in the process of kneading, even my back hurts the day after). But I find the kneading incredibly therapeutic to be honest.

I will continue taking care of my starter, and baking bread, now that I do have the time. Maybe I will fancy it up a little bit too. 🙂

First recipe for sourdough bread
Second Recipe for sourdough bread


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