It was all sparked by a Facebook post that made me look into  Puerto Rican food. And the fact that I am able to get my hands on ingredients so easily here too makes it fun. One of the popular food is a roast pork called pernil. I think it is their version of the Philippine lechon, or at lechon kawali. The spices are mostly garlic, salt, and oregano. Some recipes add paprika too.

Matt grabbed a hunk of meat the other time and requested that it be made into pernil. But when I looked at the meat, the day I was about to make it, I realized it didn’t have skin, and that is one of vital parts of the pernil. I still decided to go with it because I was in the mood already for roast pork. It was to be roasted slowly, with the middle almost just cooked. Just how I like it.

Pernil! Ta-dah!

I defrosted the meat a day before the planned experiment, and then marinated it the whole day in a mix of the mentioned spices and herbs. Afterwards, I cooked it low. Honestly, I just followed three recipes as a guide. You know me.

Side of creamed corn and beets

I used the thermometer to check the doneness of the meat, because I can’t really tell when a roast anything is done 🙂

This was absolutely good! Though the serving is too big (even if I already trimmed it down before marinating it), we ended up munching on it and adding it to different dishes for maybe two weeks, which I dislike. But I don’t mind repurposing it for different dishes. It feels like Chopped! 🙂

Pernil Recipes I used as guides

Pernil (Puerto Rican Pork Shoulder)



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