Fresh Pastillas

I was inspired by a batchmate in CSA who lives across the US who made fresh pastillas from scratch. Since we had a gallon of milk that I need to use up all by myself (Matt doesn’t like cow’s milk), I decided this will be a good time to make some of this product. Usually, this would be made with carabao’s milk, hence its creamy texture. But cow’s milk is fine too.

IMG_20170407_125153I googled recipes online and actually just randomly put in sugar, and salt to taste in my 4 cups of milk. I did take note that it takes 40 minutes or more to reduce the milk mixture into a thick paste. It was all patience.

After that, I let it cool slightly, added some lime zest, and then rolled it into little fingers, half the length of my pinky, but about the same size, then rolled it in sugar. Ta-dah! It was very easy actually. But it’s not actually the same as the ones that we buy. Well, it will do for now. 🙂


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