Milk Bar (Barra de Leche)

I love milk products. And candy is one of them (among ice cream, cheese, gelato, yogurt, etc.). It is always nice to find something new but slightly familiar in new places. In a supermarket filled with a lot of Mexican products, one of the things I grabbed for curiosity’s sake is a candy bar. Simply called barra de leche, or milk bar (I assume).

In front

Upon grabbing it, I think of the Filipino milk candy products like pastillas, but I believe, from the looks of it, that this would taste more like yema. I packed it in my bag when we watched a White Sox game (they won!) and started munching on it when I got hungry. It was really sweet, a bit crumbly surprisingly. A bar that big also feels like it can serve maybe 4 people. I do like it, but it’s just too much. Maybe it is not meant to be eaten the way that I did, like a candy bar, but it was worth trying 🙂

With the label

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