Quick Eats: Henry’s Drive-in, Ogden Avenue, Cicero

IMG_20170401_122347Matt, with all of his 33 years spend in this area we are in now, has been trying to show me everything that there is to try and see here. We have been to places where he has spent time in as a youngster, but this is also one of the old time classics that should be tried in this area too. Henry’s Drive-in.

Our orders, with Matt’s Pizza Pastry thing

We were in the area and decided that a quick lunch here would do us good. Matt got his order of a hotdog, while I ordered a Polish, and requested for a tamale (I will have to make that soon). I really love hotdogs, but I think the unfamiliar flavors to me (I DO MISS JOLLY HOTDOG FROM JOLLIBEE) or maybe too much stuff going on is different. I do love how it tastes, and it’s good, but it’s not memorable 🙂 But it is surely a classic 🙂


Henry’s Drive-in
6031 Ogden Ave, Cicero, IL 60804


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