Quick Eats: Five Guys, Lake Street

My official muse 🙂

Soooo. I have said so many times that I have not been properly briefed on fastfood because, well, it’s fast food. But after watching a show on TV one time, I blurted out, I am craving for burgers. Then Matt decided it was high time to make me try Five Guys.

It was a short walk from our apartment, and I decided to have a cheeseburger with everything on it, plus fresh onions (It already comes with sauteed onions). I decided to share with Matt the fries, and didn’t order any sides any more. Except that we got a chocolate malt shake to share. And there are free dry roasted peanuts by the way, which I do love!

So there we were eating peanuts while waiting for our food. I keep realizing that a lot of places here are designed for take-out. Not that they don’t have seats and tables, but they encourage people to eat at home. Less clean-up to be done. But that’s a different thought altogether.

The food was served and as I keep forgetting, all the servings are huge(by the writing of this story, I have officially began halving all my orders to bring home or not eat at all. :/

The peanuts were good, but messy. The fries are just okay for me. But the burgers are a win! Burgers are something the Americans really just got right, no matter how evil it sometimes is. It was juicy, just filled with the right toppings, etc. I will go back to this, yummy!


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