The whole dish

I have made lasagna before, here, here, and here. And I was the one who taught mom how to make it at home “properly”. Matt has been hinting about lasagna several times already, and finally, we bought some lasagna sheets to make it. Also, I was inspired watching the show Rev’s Sunday Suppers (or is it Run’s?), and they were making lasagna! (They also made mac and cheese, but hold your horses, it took us 2 weeks to finish the lasagna, even when we gave some away!)

The first slice

I won’t go into detail anymore because I have blogged about this several times. But some things I did different. I used a mix of pork, smoked pork, and sausages, and drained them off their oil after cooking. Then that oil is what I used to start my bechamel, because it was flavored already, and meat wasn’t too oily. I also used a mix of cheeses, whatever we had on hand, this time it was garlic and chive cheese curds, and cheddar cheese. But the ideas were the same. And it was fabuluous as always! 🙂


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