Green Curry

IMG_20170328_174003I know Matt loves the flavor of cilantro, so we usually buy some. But the sprigs and bunches here are just so much for two people, that it usually would either be thrown away, or eaten quickly.

The last time we have an excess of the cilantro, I made green curry paste by blending the cilantro, garlic, onion, ginger, salt, chili flakes, fish sauce, sugar and coconut milk in the blender. I have made it here too, in more detail.

This is the first time that Matt has ever tried green curry. He loved it! He was also trying to figure out what that flavor he is tasting is, and finally, we discovered. Coconut. He wasn’t fond of coconut milk, or the idea of it, but once I made him try it, he realizes he likes it! So yay. Win for that one. Now I have several ideas of dishes to cook for him, mostly Filipino. And on top of that list is Bicol express!


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