Quick Eats: Macs, Wisconsin Dells

So if you have access to all the best cheeses and dairy in the world, what restaurant are you going to open? A mac and cheese one of course! We decided to try this place because it was highly rated, and Matt loves his mac and cheese. At first I was hesitant because I don’t think a mac and cheese main would fill me up (I WAS SO WRONG).

Matt’s food up front, mine in the background 🙂

I ended up ordering a not mac and cheese dish, which is a pattymelt. Matt ordered their special of mac and cheese reuben, which is like a reuben sandwich, but no bread, and with a mac and cheese bottom. The mac and cheese dish was served on a cast iron skillet, topped with the reuben. And it looked amazing. Though mine did look good too, I knew I made a mistake.

And upon trying Matt’s food, my mistake was confirmed. His was soooo good. And mine was just okay. I ended up eating more of his food than my food! But the mac and cheese was so good that currently, it is my standard for any mac and cheese dish I will be making in the next few days (as I promised Matt).

I do love this place and you should eat here if you are in the area!


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