Market Square, Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin is famous for dairy, specifically cheeses, specifically, cheese curds. So that was one of the first things we bought from there when we went to the supermarket. But I still wanted more cheese and we explored Market Square. This is a store, with half of the store filled with food, cheese, ice cream, sausages, honey, etc. The rest are knick knacks you might want to bring home for someone or get yourself a souvenir. We mostly stayed in the food area because I am really into travel souvenirs.


There were cute cheddar ones in different shapes and cutesy sizes. After browsing around the whole area for a few minutes, we settled on these: horseradish flavored cheese, an 7 year old aged cheddar, dill cheese, two kinds of brats, a smoked string cheese and sausage stick 3 pack, and blackberry ice cream. Though the popular ice cream flavor here is blue moon, it was too almond flavored for me. So we skipped that.

Our ice cream

I am still slowly savoring all the cheeses we have,though the smoked string cheese and sausage sticks, along with the sausages are long gone. But it felt like a good haul. 🙂

PS. First time to go snow tubing here in Christmas Mountain! And it was fun! I want to do it again! 🙂


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