Going Greek

I have already made Greek chicken for Matt before, with roasted onion and tomatoes, complete with a side of garlic sauce for dipping. But we had tortillas and I wanna use that up. And eggplants, we also had eggplants. And hummus.

Husband 🙂

So first I cooked some beef and seasoned this with oregano, salt, pepper, and garlic, I set this aside. Then I cooked the diced eggplants in olive oil, seasoned with salt. Mostly, that was the flavors. I also sliced some tomatoes (onions too, but we were out) to add more into the wrap. I set these aside and waited for Matt to arrive.

Once he was here, we just assembled our food. And it was gooooood. The beef flavor was good, and I don’t think it would have worked as well if it was chicken or pork. You can also add some of the garlic sauce made with yogurt and garlic, and some hot sauce too. Easy peasy.


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