Homemade Pizza!

First pizza

Matt’s friend inspired this dish after he made some for us at his dinner party. I decided to go one step further and make my own dough, and pizza sauce. Let’s just it was a job doing this pizza.

The next one, there were two more after

I started with the dough the night before, put it in the fridge, and let it rest. I precut all my vegetables and meat to be topped on the pizza. I also cooked my marinara/pizza sauce using both fresh and canned tomatoes. As soon as Matt got home, I heated the soup (because I knew we will be stark-raving mad without it while waiting for the pizza). We started building our pizza, him mostly, while I was stretching out the dough. The topping options were roasted garlic, onion, olives, salami, sauteed mushrooms, ham, peppers, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, etc. Then we ended up running out of marinara and had some pizza Mexican style, since we used my homemade salsa instead 🙂 Each batch took about 20 minutes in the oven, but it was hot, freshly made, crunchy, and unbelievably good. Maybe a repeat in a month, to clean the fridge! 🙂


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