Galena, Illinois Food Finds

Matt sprung the trip on me so I didn’t have any idea as to what Galena is. His description, “A small tourist town…” Yes. Just that. Upon further research and reading of signs, apparently Galena used to a major port in Illinois hence the development of this area. People who live here have big houses, like the old rich. But eventually, railroads took over and the economy slowed down, but they kept the old charm. Oh, and USS Grant was also from here. I have to read up more on him.

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That place, even in the cold weather (off-peak) was beautiful. The small town area was lovely to walk in, still bustling with tourists, though you need to make sure you know store hours and times because they close early, or not open at all, during off-peak season. We found and enjoyed some candy shops, checked in other shops, looked around antique stores too. I enjoyed the view and walking around, but the specialty food shops like Galena Garlic and the Galena Canning Company disappointed me. It disappointed me because I want the rustic down to earth home quality goods, but these all look processed and commercialized.

The other places like the Great American Popcorn Company where making popcorn on site! Though we didn’t get any. What we did end up getting was ice cream. They also sold old-fashioned sodas which I am not familiar with.

We also enjoyed buying candy in another shop, also sold old-fashioned ones I like like fizzing candies, and they have salt-water taffy which we bought. 🙂


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