Quick Eats: Fritz and Frites, Galena, Illinois

Soup and croissants

On our last day in Galena, we decided to try this restaurant, highly rated on Yelp, but is at the end of the main road. It feels more residential than the touristy stops in the middle of main street.

Matt’s healthy food

The restaurant felt like a quaint cafe, and it seems to be a place where the locals dine and eat. On Sundays, they offer a brunch menu or specials such as the quiche and other stuff. I ordered some soup to go with my sausages. And Matt ordered a croissant, plus his crepe. I did realize that it looked like I was eating man-portions, while Matt was having his healthful lady portions. All my food was bigger. I did share the food. But still.

So first the soup arrived and it was carrot and ginger and was really good, huge too. So I share that with Matt and took a bite of his croissant as an exchange. Soon after, the food arrived. My sausages were huge. With potatoes and sauerkraut too. Matt had his dainty plate of a crepe with a salad. It looked funny to me, but I was craving for sausages.

My man-meal

All in all, I had 4 kinds of sausages on my plate, and a not too sour sauerkraut, which I preferred. I was able to eat most of it, while giving to Matt a handful of my food every time. But what’s gross was I found 3 strands of hair on my plate. I gave up eating after that, luckily I was full and almost done, but knowing it was there while I was eating it…. ugh.

The place was nice, food was good, and service was great. But the hair. We did call their attention to it. But it ruins the whole experience.

Fritz and Frites
317 N Main St, Galena, IL 61036


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