Quick Eats: Dually’s, Elizabeth, Illinois

We sat at the bar 🙂

Around end of March, I was telling Matt that I was feeling restless. I wasn’t sure what was causing it, maybe my itchy feet. He was asking me what we should do, and when he asked me if I wanted to go out of town, I readily agreed. It was Friday night and we were only talking about it then, but come Saturday morning, he booked us a hotel and told me that we were leaving as soon as we were done with breakfast! I do love these kind of surprises by the husband!

Matt’s order, really good

I wasn’t sure what to expect in Galena. But it was a 3 hour drive and we ended up stopping on the way, in Elizabeth, because we were hungry, and no amount of cookies and snacks can fill in a lunch.

When we stopped at the town area, we only had about 4 choices to make, and we ended up in Dually’s because of their sign stating rude servers/waiters. Well, the server wasn’t rude when we went in, but we both liked the idea of that, though only in context.

Really good too!

I ended up getting a pork tenderloin sandwich, while Matt had a burger. We got onion rings and fries for our sides. And my goodness, the food was simply delicious. I love the no-fuss food, and how hearty everything was. It was what I expected from this place, but better. And considering it was 1pm, folks were still walking in for lunch.

I ended up giving Matt half of my sandwich while I finished his (last two bites only) but it was a stick to your ribs kind of meal. Though the town itself is quiet, this place is worth a stopover if your are passing by it.

Dually’s Bar and Grill
111 N Main St, Elizabeth, IL 61028


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