Homemade Potato Chips

Sliced thinly washed and dried

In my effort to take into heart the saying “Only eat junkfood you make at home.”, I ended up making potato chips. My goodness. Not worth it. I guess it does justify the saying stated above. It generally implies that when you take out the convenience of eating junk food, then you eat less of it. This totally worked for me with potato chips.

Of course if I am going to make potato chips, I am going to make it fancy, so what I googled was Kettle cooked potato chips. What a disaster. I spent the whole day afternoon making it for only a partially acceptable potato chip snack!

Final product

The directions vary greatly so I just went with my instinct after reading through maybe 5 or 6 recipes. “Boil” them in oil first, take it out, let it rest and dry, then deep fry them in a hotter temperature in the same oil. I think I could have totally skipped the boiling step though, because some of the chips, when left longer in the boiling oil, crisped up in the low temperature oil! I strained the chips each time after being in the oil. The final step, I also added a paper towel step, while sprinkling on some chopped dill and salt.

It was delicious actually. But some were soggy, some were too brown, some were perfect.But this is the reason why I will be removing junk food from my list.


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