Goya Seasoning

Seasoning yes

We were at Tony’s Finer Foods and this is not our regular grocery haunt, but I wanted some pork legs or pork hocks and we did find it here eventually. We were only going for that but Matt and I ended up in what I would call Mexican aisle because it was filled with all the Goya products I keep reading about while researching for the Puerto Rican dish that I will be making use the sofrito I was able to get! I wanted to stay for longer but it was a weeknight and Matt was tired (and I was cranky, not anymore after that goya aisle). So we only grabbed some coffee for him and this seasoning product for me.

A unique one apparently

I was reading the packet and was surprised to see that it is a general seasoning. I realized this is Mexican’s equivalent of Magic Sarap. But it was good when I tried it. It was salt, pepper, garlic and little bit more of this and that that I can’t figure out! But excited to use it more!

If my mother is Mexican, this would be in our pantry for sure

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