Cookie Dough!

I have always loved cookie dough ice cream (except that one in S&R, I really don’t like it). I love cookie dough toppings too that go on yogurt! I made plans to make banana ice cream (because we tend to eat ice cream a lot) and I decided I would make it into a chocolate chip cookie dough banana ice cream! Yay.

So I made this using this recipe and doubled it. I also toasted the flour on a pan first because I really don’t like raw flour flavor. Once this was done and frozen, I started working on my ice cream.

IMG_20170313_162654I used 5 frozen bananas, which I peeled and placed in the fridge. I placed those in a blender, added a bit of milk, a pinch of salt, and a splash of vanilla. I then blended it. I added a handful of almonds, blended it, added 1/3 of the cookie dough ( all sliced up as pictured) and blended it again. I added more almonds and just blended it a little to keep it chunky. I placed this in a tupperware and mixed in the rest of my cut up cookie dough. The banana was sweet on its own and I was scared it might be too sweet, but freezing it makes the less sweet, or duller flavors.

I finally tried it, and though it was icy and needed to warm up a little, it was good. Healthier than what you would get in the store too!


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