Quick Eats: White Chocolate Grill, Naperville

Matt suggested we hang out with his Mom and Gary one weekend and this is where we ended up going. The place felt fancy upon entering, and well, the menu catered to steak lovers, with steaks as their specialties. Too bad nobody felt like trying it. The four of us ordered crabcakes, a pulled pork sandwich, and a clubhouse sandwich, plus dessert of course (brownie ala mode and bread pudding).

The food arrived quickly, with a little bit of a mix up. But all in all, it was good. I like the crabcakes. I think generally I like crabs here because the taste is so much cleaner or less complex than the ones we have in the Philippines. I remember truly enjoying my first crabs in Maryland. So that was good, and so was Matt’s sandwich, though really too big to be eaten on its full serving!

The desserts were great too, our brownie being on the sweet side, the pudding very homey. The restaurant, though it felt fancy, had homey food that I like.

White Chocolate Grill
1803 Freedom Dr, Naperville, IL 60563


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