Quick Eats: Pastries by Kay, Madison St, Forest Park

I love supporting mom and pop shops especially if they have fantastic food. This was mostly a curious jaunt as Matt was getting hungry while he went along with me for a snow-walk. It was early and not all places were open yet. But this one was open already. We were actually headed towards Counter Coffee when I saw this place. It was far from fancy and being millenial, but it looked promising.

We were inside and I didn’t know what anything was except for the ones that had signs on it (like hot cross buns). Matt and I were still deciding what to have when an old man ordered two boxes of a lot of stuff, and seemed to know everything in display, without even having to ask. That got my curiosity piqued more.

We forgot to take a picture of the first two, just this one had a picture

Matt and I settled on what appeared to pound cake, a cheese danish, and a cinnamon bun filled with apples. How can you go wrong with those options?

The cheese danish reminded me very much of ensaymada, a Filipino pastry. The pound cake thing, felt like a lighter pound cake, and the cinnamon bun for me was just okay. So generally, the food was okay, nothing fancy. But before I give up on it, I want to be able to try their other sweeter stuff,since this a  pastry shop after all! Soon!


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