Quick Eats: Eleven City Diner, Chicago

Mine, and Matt’s

We decided to go into the city  for a movie a night as well as enjoy the city for a change. I generally find the city, in any other major country, to be fast-paced and I like the suburbs more. Maybe living in the south in Manila is tecnically the same thing though that is in the city too.

My thick slice meat

We rushed to Icon theater and watched the Wall. We already knew that we were going to this diner after the movie, having looked it up already. But I haven’t looked at the menu (it prevents me from becoming overwhelmed with the so many options). So when we got there, I was confused as to what I should get! I decided on a hot pastrami, I think. It was a pressed sandwich with thick slices of meat in it, and requested for the side to be onion rings instead of the fries. Matt ordered a Reuben.

Open faced Reuben

Our orders were quickly served (or I was just extremely distracted by the dazzling lights). The portions, as expected, are huge, and I ended up taking home half of mine, both the sandwich and the rings. And this is taking note of how delicious (and evil) everyone the plate was. Even Matt’s was really good. But he too couldn’t finish the whole thing. We ended finishing our meal with a chocolate malt shake so we made room for that too. But everything, and I bet all of the items on their menu, were really good. These are the kidns of restaurants I like going to.

Eleven City DinerEleven City Diner
1112 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605


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