Quick Eats: White Fence Farm

So after that wonderful, wonderful meal over lunch of man-food burgers, we still went out for fried chicken for some more non-fussy dinner. My craving was still on, and I know it won’t go away until I have what I am craving for.

Their menu

We passed by White Fence Farm the first week of my arrival and discovered that it was closed on Mondays. We finally made it on a Saturday night. I didn’t know what they have on the menu (and so did Matt when he realizes he has never eaten here but just knew of it). So many things such as fritters, shrimp, all chicken parts, and fish. There were also sides like mashed potatoes, french fries, coleslaw, etc. As well as being able to order for party with so many fried chicken pieces in one order.

Our food

There were only actually 3 tables inside the place because it was mostly a carry-out place, but we decided to eat there, even if everybody else was getting take out. We ordered half a chicken, with fish, that came with coleslaw, mashed potatoes and fritters.We also ended up ordering another side of fritters which I think were too much already.

The chicken is not battered like how I expected it to be, I was thinking it was a southern fried chicken place. But we did polish that meal off. It was gone, or at least most of it, by the end of the meal. It was good, man-food again.

White Fence Farm
Harlem Avenue, Riverside, IL


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