Qiuck Eats: The Sandlot

This was about a month ago. And this is also the first time I experienced snow. It lasted for maybe a minute, but it was snow, not flurries like the whole day there was. But aside from that, this is about the food. (I had a fake snow day again, but it melted a few hours after.)

Simple and yummy

We came from shopping for my boots and we were supposed to get fried chicken (we did later in the day simply because I was craving for it still) but Matt suggested a burger place nearby that was also really good. I agreed and asked them what they have on the menu. Funnily he replied, burgers and fries. I was so hungry so i asked him again, I mean what kind of burgers. He won’t answer me properly so I just googled it. And the only options are either you get the regular cheeseburger, a two-and two (which is two patties and two cheeses), three and three, or four and four. They also had a hamburger, and chicken burger. Then they had fries. And milkshakes/softserve/mixers. That’s it.

Man food!

That actually made things easier. Since they featured the two and two more than the cheeseburger, I ordered that, and so did Matt. We each got a soda, and shared fries. It was lunch hour on a weekend and the line just became longer and longer for the hour that we were there. And the burger? YUM. They were the simple non-fussy food when you are hungry and just want to eat. I described them to Matt as man-food. And they were really good! I wasn’t able to finish all of mine and I had to share a few bites with Matt. But totally worth it!

The Sandlot
1120 Touhy Ave, Park Ridge, IL 60068


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