Man-Worthy Meal

Baked cornbread

Matt and I impulsively bought a whole rack of ribs the other week, we ate it once (him several times in different forms) and are currently now trying to finish it off somehow. We put it in sandwiches, tacos, or even with pasta. It works. But I am getting ahead of my story.

Ribs off the slow cooker into the broiler for a little bit

I particularly am not a fan of ribs. I can eat maybe two ribs at a time, and that’s it. I am off it for a while (hence me eating it only once). But I was excited to cook it for Matt. I was excited to see how the slow cooker will fare on the ribs. I have been watching videos of that being done so I assumed it was easy enough.

Falling apart ribs

I made my own wet rub my mixing in random quantities: sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, chili flakes, cumin, oregano, garlic powder, minced fresh garlic, mustard, and worcestershite sauce all together. Yes, I just did eyeball everything. And I cook like that. I put more of the flavors I like (garlic) and less of those I am not a fan of (cumin). Then I taste. It was gooood.


I then sliced the rack into three smaller racks to make it fit the slow cooker. I rubbed the wet rub on it, placed it in the slow cooker, and let this cook on low for 8 long hours.

While this was happening, I baked cornbread, from a mix but with more corn in it, and made mashed potatoes.

I can see the meat juices slowly basting and basically braising the ribs. It was going to be a soft off the bone one. Matt likes his ribs not this crazy soft, so leftovers will going into other dishes more. But we did have a blast eating this man-worthy meal of ribs, mashed potato and cornbread! Yummy!


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