Quick Eats: Ay Ay Picante,

May officially be my favorite restaurant to date, aside from Freddy’s. When Bob and Emmy invited us over for dinner, they were the ones who decided on the place, and I am so happy the picked this place. They have accidentally discovered this store and it is such a discovery.

Bob, Emmy, me and Matt

Before we went there, they were already raving about this green sauce thing that you dip bread in, and true, it was so good I think our table ended up having our bread refilled twice! Bob and Emmy ordered an appetizer of potato croquet, but a large one not like the finger size ones I have seen. This was as big as a giant potato. And they both had the fisherman’s soup. Matt and I ordered the same soup, a main of steak and shrimp grilled with sides, and a mussel plate from the ceviche bar, which is one of their specialties.

That green sauce I will try to recreate
Look so much meat!
Steak and shrimp!

EVERY BITE OF THIS DINNER WAS FABULOUS. The soup reminded me of  a shrimp bisque, but instead, a mussel, shrimp, squid, fish bisque. It had tons of seafood in it all tenderlycooked. And the steak and shrimp too was cooked to perfection. And that ceviche, good thing it was the last thing to be served because it was soooo good. I was so full from the two first plates which were also fabulous, but I kept on eating the mussels because they were that good! Oh those mussels. I want them again. They were juicy, fresh and lemony from the salsa, and so bright. You just go there and try it.


Bob ordered a dessert too of a chocolate flan and it was good. It is making me homesick of mom’s leche flan though. 🙂 But yes, will come back here for sure!

Ay Ay Picante
4569 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630


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