So what do you with leftover brisket? Copy everything I have seen on Chopped and make it into  a ragu. They do always make ragu when they get a cooked meat as part of their basket.

I just shredded some of the meat (some were made into a different meal) and the stock from cooking the meat, as well as some of the vegetables in it. I then added canned tomatoes and let all of it simmer together until everything was cooked down and saucy. I didn’t even need to add anything to it because it was already so good. But I did add several splashes of milk to make it creamy.

I decided to eat this batch with rice first and it was so good. It did remind of a Filipino dish called caldereta. But the next batch of this that we had, I served with some pasta and it was soooo good.

Black on gray looks pretty

Ragu Recipe

a cup of leftover brisket that is super tender and simply seasoned only
a little of the juice/stock to flavor the meat, about half a cup
1 16 oz can of tomatoes
splash of milk

In a pan, bring together the shredded brisket, stock and tomatoes, and let this boil, then lower to simmer, for 20 minutes. This will cook off the tomatoes. Allow the liquid to thicken to a sauce consistency, then add some milk, then allow to thicken once again. Serve on pasta, or rice.

You may opt to saute some vegetables like onion, garlic, carrots, celery, etc before adding all the ingredients to the pot for more flavor. I was going the easy route.

The second time we ate it

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