Quick Eats: At’s A Nice Pizza

Matt’s uncle had a going away party one weekend, and Matt and I went. Yes, yes. I was in the “I will be meeting all your relatives….” thinking mode that time, but I think I was able to appreciate the food enough. And besides, the people around me were nice.

Pizzzaaaa. Onion riiings

Obviously this is a pizza place. The family filled up half of the restaurant and it was a nice cheery atmosphere. I could easily see it immediately though was the place felt like it was understaffed and I knew it was going to take a while. But it was 4pm and I wasn’t that hungry even if Matt and I only had a light picnic lunch before coming here.

We shared a deep dish pizza with Matt’s sister, and I requested a side of onion rings since it really is my favorite after mozzarella sticks (and onion rings are available here everywhere unlike Manila!). The food took maybe 30 minutes to come out, and that was what happened to everyone. But the portions were huge and generous. Also, it was homey deep dish pizza.

It took so much effort to finish one slice, as well as the onion rings I shared with Matt. But it was so worth the calories. I do like pizza, but Matt just likes it way more. So maybe a monthly pizza binge will be good enough.

At’s a Nice Pizza
334 N Independence Blvd # A, Romeoville, IL 60446


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