At Mom’s (The New One)

And yes, I meant my mother-in-law. (Still sounds too adult in my head to actually have one).

Margaret (and yup, I still am not into the idea of calling parents-in-law by their first name) hosted a family get-together two weeks after I arrived in the US and it is only know I can talk blog about it because, as I said, I have just been cooking up a storm. And also we were eating out during my first few days here so that also delayed my posts by a few days.


It was only the family that were invited but there was so much food! I thought that the appetizer could have actually sufficed as the regular meal but well, that’s me and my love for cheese. We started the appetizers about 5pm-ish, which was a greek spread. There were olive tapenade, some kind of greek salads which had cold cuts and cheeses on them, a lot of semi-hard cheeses, and pairings to go with it. I didn’t put everything on my plate, half of the cheeses I tried on Matt’s plate, just because my plate was full already. And we did eventually end up taking home a lot of that spread from the top picture too.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of main and dessert because I left my phone in my bag and it felt rude to get it while everybody was seated at the table. But that paella, filled with scallops, shrimp, lobster too I think, and maybe fish was really good too. I did miss that socarrat on the bottom of the paella pan (I ended up doing when I reheated the stuff we took home) but I also have never made paella with that much seafood variety. Usually, I would stick with shrimp, and mussels.

A taste of what the table offered, full plate

The dessert was brought by Matt’s brother and it was what he called a dump cake. It was made with a white cake box mix with fresh pineapples and cherries I think,plus macadamia nuts too. Then it was all baked. It was sweet and gooey and crunchy all at the same time. I did the same thing with our take-home as I did with the paella, heated it up until it formed a nice crust at the bottom, but in the oven this time.

All in all the food was great. I was too full too. But of course, I am looking back now. All my thoughts with majority of the family-in-law together was, OMG. Hahaha. But it all went well I think. 🙂


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