Smoked Milkfish – Tinapang Bangus

One of the funnest things about dating/marrying/being with somebody of a different background is how food differs in each culture. Of course I grew up eating tinapa and salted eggs. Matt is familiar with the smoked fish, except that it looks and is served differently from what he knows. Salted egg is something scary for him.

Filipino breakfast!

One breakfast morning, I decided to cook some of our finds from Seafood City and serve it to Matt. It was a weekend. I wanted to make sure we have enough time to enjoy this meal/make a new one before we went out. 🙂

Smoked golden fish, and salted egg

I made a complete meal out of this with garlic fried rice, fried tinapa and the eggs (salted for me, over-easy for him). I had to Americanize the fish for him, though it is already technically deboned. And guess what? He likes it! I don’t know if he likes it enough to eat it regularly, but he likes it enough to eat it. We do still have 2 pieces of that fish left, so we will be having it again. But the salted egg, yup, that was a no. 🙂


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