Quick Eats: Portillo’s

Surprise surprise! It is only now that I get to try this diner. I wasn’t able to try it the last time I visited simply because we were always full by the time we pass by this place. At most, we bought ate cleng some salad, and that was it.

Looks fancy 50s!

So this time, we decided to actually eat here. Once we stepped inside, I was surprised by the bright lights and colorful menu. It is what a diner is supposed to look like, missing are the poodle skirts and skates! I decided to just try the very basic hotdog with everything on it except mustard, while Matt ordered the Polish sausage. We got onion rings, and a tamale too.

Their kitchen is open and you can actually see everything being prepared upon ordering. There were also also a lot of people working there, which was a given having seen the long drive-through lines outside and non-stop entrance of people too.

Those green peppers are spicy!
And that pickle? begone!

We got our orders quickly enough. Two things to note, I really don’t like the giant pickle serve in diner food, and the peppers in that thing are served whole and they are spicy! I removed both the pickle and most of the peppers. And it was good. Yummy, quick food good. The onion rings were great too, as well as the tamale. It was good, but I can actually live without it. I still like fried chicken burger fast food. Maybe I need to try an Italian beef here next time.


Oh yeah, we did get a chocolate malt to go and it was fabulous. We were thinking of getting the chocolate cake shake, and yup, they do put a slice in there, but I will reserve it too for next time!



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