Beef Brisket Tacos!

Maybe I have been watching too much Chopped, but ever since, I have always had fun repurposing ingredients or leftovers into something. We still had a lot of tortilla wraps and I wanted to use that for tacos that we grabbed some cilantro on our last grocery trip. I knew it would be easy to find some kind of meat to stuff in the tacos.

I realized I can just heat up the brisket, shred it finely, and let the juices dry up in the pan with the meat so I can have some good meat for tacos! I made a fresh salsa of onion, tomatoes, jalapeno, lemon, sugar and salt to make it fresher. And add a slice of avocado, which we had in the fridge, and there you have it! This was really good but you can only eat so much tacos. So the brisket had a few more recipes coming down its way 🙂

By the way, I am now using my Google Pixel here. I am not sure if the photos are better, but they surely do look brighter. 🙂


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