Quick Eats: Culver’s

I have eaten here once, but for the burgers. That one time, I asked for their custards but they were actually cleaning it up then. So after that, I was always curious to see their custard/ice cream. Finally while Matt and I were going for a drive, we saw one and I pointed it out, and we stopped. I ordered a make your own mix, to which I added cashews and  a heath bar. Matt ordered one off the menu.

Matt’s on top, mine at the bottom

It was good, and they are very generous with their toppings here (anywhere in the US, all portions or servings are generous). I will have to compare it with a Dairy Queen, but I have only seen one branch of it and it is quite far off. But who am I to complain? All the ice cream that I have tried here have been good. Need to do the rainbow one soon.

What happens when you say, Don’t touch it first I have to take a picture!

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