Pork Tapa

I don’t think Matt has tried tapa at home yet. But when we bought the pork loin that we did, I knew one of the first things I will be making with it, besides pork loin for eating, is pork tapa. I made it because it was something quick I can make for breakfast, or just for a regular meal even.

I sliced some of the pork loin very thinly, and seasoned it with equal amounts of sugar and salt. I also added black pepper, and garlic powder (I was feeling lazy to put fresh garlic in it.) I let this marinade at least for a day, but it would last refrigerated for a week.

Just the meat for this post

I lightly fried it in a combination of oil and water (water cook it through, oil to fry it once the water evaporates) and served it for breakfast with scrambled eggs and fried rice. And it is a hit. Matt did say this reminds him of porkchops. And I guess if you do try the same seasoning with chops, it will come out the same.Not to find beef for beef tapa. 🙂

Note that I do make “regular” food for Matt too. Meaning tacos, brisket (post coming up), burgers, etc. But am planning to venture into Puerto Rican food soon. 🙂


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