Steamed Pompano

I have already made this at home in Manila after having it in Gensan. I guess this post is more about seeing Matt try the fish. And the preparation. I would say that that is one cultural gap that we have.

More veggies than fish

My family is a fish eating family, especially with the abundance of different kinds of small fish available. By this I mean it isn’t really too sensible to have the fish in fillet version, unlike bigger fish. As a family, we would have seafood maybe 10 times a week. I did go on a pescatarian lifestyle two separate years too. Matt, on the other hand, finds familiarity in filleted fish, and mostly fried. So this is usually skinless, headless, boneless. For a person like me who enjoys stewing fish heads, tails, bones, etc, I find fillets convenient, but not my go-to. And since I am in the kitchen, I end up making allowance for Matt (like serving the fish to Matt Americanized (just the meat off the bones)), and keep my “weirder” preferences during my solo lunch meals.

Cooked through!

So I made this fish the same way I do at home, steamed in foil, with onion, tomatoes, ginger and seasoned with salt and a pat of butter. Simple. Very Filipino too. I did add lemon though because I didn’t have lemongrass.

Matt tried it, and we did share most of the fish. He ate all of it, and said it was good, but I think this preparation isn’t as friendly as others are. But it’s alright. I will try others. That’s the fantastic thing about Matt, he will try anything I make. Maybe next time I will go with a fish steak instead. 🙂


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