Girl Scout Cookies

Girl scout cookies are those things that I have only heard or read about on TV or whatever US medium I was holding. I did one time google recipes to copy them, but I didn’t want to ruin the feeling of trying something new and authentic. So I decided to wait until I moved to the US, and Matt finally got his hands on some girl scout cookies.

20170213_170227I think I would have liked other flavors, but Matt got his favorites so I can try it out. He got samoas and mint thins. When he told me about the mints, I remember making a face, since I really dislike mint on my chocolate, or ice cream. Gum is fine, cocktails are fine, toothpaste is fine. But I said I will try anyway.

20170213_170419He came home from work carrying a bunch of things and these were the girl scout cookies! And you know what? The thin mints, they aren’t too bad. I can eat them, like as a last resort, like I how leave the M&M’s peanuts or regular snickers as the last thing in the chocolate pile. Bu the samoas. It is really hard to stop at just one.

Note that I have tried Toffee-tastic too on a different time (after writing this post) and it’s good too! Shortbread cookie with toffee bits in it. I was also tempted to buy the smores but I did tell Matt we will just get another one 🙂


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