Seafood City + Crispy Town

Fancier than I imagined

I didn’t realize that the whole Seafood City was a giant Filipino supermarket. I thought that it was a place that sells seafood, which it is aptly named for. But it was a complete Filipino thing with all the bagnet, palabok, Jollibee, Red Ribbon, a Tropical bakeshop, and of course, all the goodies and what-have-yous in the store! I was only expecting buy fish here, and ended up buying a few more things.

Really great Filipino food selection but not really my favorite ones

I wasn’t able to take proper pictures here. One, I got too excited and distracted. Two, there were just so many people in here that it was making me claustrophic too. But now I know why my cousin, who has been here for the last 15 years complained that how come only now did they come up with a mega Filipino superstore.

There was a mix of Filipino favorites, as well as Asian items. But I did delight in seeing whole fish here, not only because they are familiar, but because all the fish and seafood that I have been seeing here in local supermarkets are fillets! I can work with those, but whole fish are still the best, I think.

They sell Matt’s dreaded balut

I ended up buying pancit bihon, one pack of instant noodles, fish sauce, oyster sauce, salted eggs, a sack of rice, among other things. Then I bought several preparations of milkfish, some salmon, and pompano. And ta-dah. I am all set for a few weeks of seafood!

And our harried lunch

I will schedule visits here because I don’t like crowds, and Saturday noon was the height of it. We ended up trying Crispy Town,where everything is obviously fried. Everything may be crispy, but it isn’t really good, save for the banana cue. So no, not liking that one.


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